Lucy Mecklenburgh- Be Body Beautiful | Review 

Be Body Beautiful

My latest read has been Lucy Mecklenburgh’s book ‘Be Body Beautiful’– I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago and it was on my iPad by first thing on New Years Day.

I have watched Lucy for a number of years on TOWIE and followed her on Twitter and Instagram. It was nice to hear her side of the full story. Simultaneously, it was an eye opener to how many comments etc. from the public she reads and the effect it has on her.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it very interesting. I tried out a few of her smoothies and recipes- for breakfast, lunch, and dinners. The ‘lean and green‘ smoothie was the first one I made and I keep changing my opinion on it! I think the colour may be slightly off-putting but there’s the thought in the back of the mind how good it is for you, which I definitely felt afterwards. For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with salmon on lovely whole grain bread, it was a nice change to the usual Weetabix topped with fruit and a nice start to the day. I also liked her idea of the ‘pic n mix‘ salads for my lunches last week- although I think I usually shove anything In a Tupperware from the veg drawer and hope for the best! My favourite was Friday’s- spinach, lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, spring onion, celery, cucumber, grilled chicken breast and smoked salmon- with some balsamic vinegar… De-lish!

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I first bought it- if it was going to be mainly an autobiography of her life or just the last couple of years. If there was going to be little mention of her personal life and all nutrition and exercise plans. However, it turned out to be a perfect balance. I was surprised to how much I could relate to my life (not the TOWIE, engaged to Mario bits) but her feelings as a teenager and why she ended up where she is. It’s also not often you read something that talks about the dangers of being underweight and not just overweight. Also, I respected how passionate she was about how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle, not just to look good and how it is essential to follow these habits sooner rather than later in life.

I also feel like every celeb these days turn to making money from the health and fitness these days and don’t really have an interest in it. Don’t get me wrong- their new looks are better role models rather than their previous lifestyle but I can’t help but think it is for the money.

To conclude, I recommend Lucy’s book for a great read and to hear her own side of the story off screen if you were a sad fan of TOWIE like myself! You can buy from Amazon!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x


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