Bucket List

I always need to write a list to ensure I get round to completing things, whether it is a shopping trip or just things to do the next day. Even when I go to the gym, I usually am a bit ‘flexible’ as to what I actually train that day. However, I am on week 12 of a challenge I have been doing and for once, I have actually kept a note of repetitions, sets, rest time etc. So really, lists are fab for anything!!

I recently wrote a bucket list 25 things to do before I am 25, and I feel if I share it, it is more motivation/ pressure for me to actually complete it.

Here is a list I finished on 13/05/15. I make them realistic but still challenging. The fact I am only 18 I definitely should have this done in a few years. I just think sticking to the 25 pattern sounded good.

I have split it into sections. Mental and physical challenges are definitely important, however travelling is definitely a priority. I have been to some popular sunny holiday destinations (you know your typical Spain, Portugal etc.) with some other city and ski breaks in other European destinations. China is the furthest that I have travelled and I have so many places I would like to visit around the world, but it is embarrassing that I have yet to see so many beautiful places in Scotland!! According to the ‘Been’ app, I have only visited 5% of the world. (link below)

Mentally (5)

1) Graduate

2) Jump off somewhere really high (hill/ plane)

3) Stay off Facebook and twitter for a month

4) Complete frequent sudukos

5) Stay off fizzy juice for 6 months/ cut down general sugar

Physically (5)

1) Walk the west highland way

2) Climb 3 mountains such as Ben Nevis, Machu Picchu, Mount Kilimanjaro

3) Run 500 5ks, keep a note of them all

4) Complete a half marathon

5) Do 5 more challenging courses (tough mudder/ spartan)

Travel (10) – I have specific places in each of these places noted down, but that really would take forever to read!

1) Volunteer abroad in a developing country

2) American Road trip!!

3) Travel/ live in Australia

4) Asia- Thailand, Vietnam, India (Study and travel in China DONE)

5) New Zealand

6) London- see a Westend musical (I have never been to London!!)

7) Go to 3 Scottish Isles

8) Go to Iceland- Northern lights would be a bonus!

9) Citybreaks around Europe

10) Spend a couple of nights in Bora Bora, French Polynesia- it looks like paradise!

Just cause 

1) Get a puppy!

2) Help raise money for a charity, could be a number of events but a minimum of £500

3) Take a random course

4) Try something waaaay out my comfort zone- new hobby or something.

5) Keep up a blog of some sort.

Let me know what you think, if you have travelled to any of these places and any suggestions of things that should be on it!


Hannah x

instagram: @hannahbethstuart

‘Been’ App: been by Martin Johannesson https://appsto.re/gb/N1JIO.i


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