Super Spartan

A few months ago, I was sitting searching races that Reiss and I could do. Tough mudder was about £110 to sign up for and it was probably the only time we were gonna get off for holidays so we signed up for Spartan. 12+K obstacle course in Ninemile burn, near Edinburgh- EASY!

I did not do any specific training for this. My only regret was lack of cardio on the run up to it, which is unusual for me. It was lack of routine with a new job before it probably. However, if I did Spartan in May/ June, I probably would have been more than ready!

It began with lots of hills, Reiss and I usually climb local hills but never for a long period of time. The obstacles were sooooo fun! Personally, my highlight would be climbing the rope climb which was apparently 16ft. The views in this area was amazing!

After that, there was running down more hills, some more barbed wire and then to swim across a lake to an island, lots of mud and then some monkey bars. I enjoyed Spartan because it was all natural and it was fun. Reiss and I didn’t sign up for it to get a good time , but just to enjoy ourselves, and we definitely did!

My least favourite obstacles would be dragging the stone with a chain and carrying the logs for a mile uphill. I felt like this was an anticlimax when you think you are near the end and then there are lots of obstacles after one another, whereas before this the obstacles were spread out a lot with lovely views (and lots of hills). We attempted everything and we only got 1 30 burpee penalty because our spear throw didn’t get on target 😦

Definitely going to try out a few more obstacle races.

12+ K ended up being 15.8k, elev gain: 714m, highest point being 2330m.

Here are a few pictures from the day, sad that Reiss does not look as happy as he actually was throughout. If anything, it was me moaning half the time haha. He definitely was a great motivator.





We are still waiting to get the photo of us together with our medals, I’m hoping we get it soon!!

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what race we should do next!


Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x


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