As people that follow/ know me will know, I love dogs. SO, I thought I would share my new puppy with you all. We already had 2 Gordon setters. My mum got Isla a couple of years ago to keep the old one active and it definitely helped, sitting about with peace and quiet was no longer an option!
So, as the puppy was no longer a puppy (even though she still acts like it) my mum was  looking into getting smaller dogs- a cocker spaniel. She had got talking to local dog breeders and told them that she would think about getting one next year. A lot quicker than expected, my mum got a call one morning asking if she would be able to take a 5 month old cocker spaniel as his owner was no longer fit to look after it. By lunch time that day, we had a new member- Alfie. He is the most calm but cutest puppy ever and has settled in perfectly.
At the same time, my brothers girlfriend had rescued a dog from the beach in Cyprus (when she was over in holiday), Nico. He is settling in perfectly too and now going to puppy classes with Alfie.

Here is some recent pictures:

The news:


Isla and Alfie:


The 3 of them:


Alfie and Nico- both rescued for different reasons: 

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x


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