Typical New Year Post

So it’s the start of January and I’m just recovering from all the festivities (literally have been cuddled up in the couch with a million layers on and a hot water bottle for the past two days)

Christmas was so lovely this year. It means a lot more now because we are getting older and busy with ‘adult’ things we do not all get to meet up as often. I got really thoughtful gifts from my friends and family which was sweet. Reiss got me an instax camera and scrapbook which I love!!! He knows I print off majority of my photographs and I have collected everything that we share together (tickets, receipts etc) so it’s somewhere to put all these.

 A lot of people complain about the whole ‘new year, new me’ but I love having the ability to get closure from the previous year, being able to reminisce on the good and the not-so-good times and being able to work on things for the upcoming year. Last new year I read Lucy Mecks ‘Be Body Beautiful’ book and I vowed that I would do little steps to get fitter. I am nowhere near where I want to be- especially the lack of training in the last month! But I am happy with the steps I made. Following a proper programme on the run up to my holiday with Reiss built my confidence, and the compliments from people only made me want to work harder. Additionally, being fit enough to actually complete Super Spartan (17k uphill with obstacles) and to make it out in one piece was a bonus! I would do more of these if there were more local and they weren’t so expensive to sign up for. I looked at a few I plan to do for 2016 and after only a couple I was sitting at £290 just for registration fees, paying for them shouldn’t be what is stopping people. The training and getting into the correct mindset is difficult enough.

So, this morning I was reading a couple of people’s list of New Year’s resolutions so I have collated them into some ‘rules’ to live by for the year ahead.

1) Be obsessed with your goals! Stay committed and remember the outcome.

2) Work hard and talk less. Rather than discussing every single step to people, do more. Actions speak louder than words!

3) Appreciate the little things. Too often these days people are holding off, saving, crash dieting, not enjoying themselves in the run-up to a single event and not appreciating the time in between. Obviously, some saving and ‘cutting’ is good but stop wishing ahead.

4) What’s done is done. Stop looking back and comparing things now to how things used to be. Even little things like checking time-hop and wondering how things can change so quickly can be confusing. However, people grow and change!

5) Believe you can and anything is possible! Nobody is going to help you with your dreams if you do not even sound passionate about them yourself.

6) Excuses only stop you. Too many people lie these days to cover up laziness, not everyone is going to wake up be as productive as the previous day. If you continue to lie though, you’re only ruining it for yourself.

I am going to take little steps to enjoy 2016. Now I am in a better routine with coursework, my part-time job and training I can start planning ahead more. I also feel better now that I’ve started to cycle to campus, this is about 15k a day on a cycle path but mentally I feel better, physically I am healthier and I finally I also save £3 a day on buses, which is nothing but it can add up! Also, no more sugars in my tea so my mum cannot complain to me☕️

All the best for 2016 and as cheesy at it sounds, I hope you all reach your goals or even make one little positive lifestyle change. I am going to be posting regular posts in the new year.


Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x

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