What is stopping you?

Along with the New Years resolution trend, I have noticed a lot of negative comments from people. Too many individuals write ‘I have no willpower’ and ‘gave up already’ etc.

I’m not sure if anyone has read any of the regular gym goers complaining about ‘January newbies’. What a ridiculous thing. Just because people go to the gym religiously after their summer holiday does not mean they have priority. If the gym being too busy at the moment is an issue for you, work around it. You can get familiar with peak times, be flexible with your day- try going in the morning rather than at nighttime if that’s quieter (or vice versa).

I produced a survey last year to find out what stopped people from training. Results included intimidation of others (probably these ‘experts’), lack of knowledge and motivation. All of these have solutions.

Very rarely do I even notice anyone else in the gym if I do not already know them personally. I would never start to judge somebody or look at them- unless they were hogging something I wanted for half an hour while sitting on their phone. Yesterday in the gym there was a lady ran over to help a man on the rack, he was needing a spotter and was struggling mid-bench. She helped him up and they high- fived and he continued confidently with his sets. I didn’t mean to stare or anything but she ran past me so suddenly I checked to see if it was nothing serious. They obviously never knew each other before this but you just need to trust that people will help you if need be.

Lack of knowledge puts a lot of people off. Personal trainers appear expensive at the beginning but people underestimate how effective a couple of sessions to get the correct techniques/ forms can be. I would definitely recommend a session with someone, this can even be a friend with more experience. If this doesn’t suit even just write some ideas down of what you would like to try and watch them on YouTube. Absolutely everything has a YouTube tutorial for it!

Motivation. Now I can sit and write a million and one motivational quotes to help you get out to the gym or to take the steps rather than the lift etc. The only way it’s going to change your mind is to take little steps and often. I read a quote from Conor McGregor that I liked. I’m not a huge fan of him (only because I don’t follow the sport it’s nothing personal) but this could apply to anyone at any time for anything.

So stop waiting to start next week, nearer summer, or make it next years resolution. There is no point saying ‘I will never look like that or feel like that’ because you won’t until you make a change. Begin to make little positive changes to your lifestyle tomorrow. Your future self will thank ya for it!!

For any help email: hbsfitnesstherapy@gmail.com


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