Look good, feel good! Or something like that…

For someone who is dressed for the gym 90% of the time (whether I’m training or not) I thought it would be good to write a post about what I wear. I am going to talk about some recent buys, my recommendations and the one hit wonders when it comes to training in them.

As I am doing a fitness/ therapy course, it is essential to wear something appropriate for stretching and getting physical pretty much every day. Prior to starting the course 2 years ago (where is the time going!) I bought a lot of stuff from H&M for everyday wear. As I was going to be wearing it daily, I grudged spending so much on branded leggings that were on average £50 each as I’d be needing a few pairs a week-I was moving out for the first time, laundry wasn’t an option. I literally still have stuff from that H&M haul 2 years ago and it’s still in half decent condition!

 I thought I’d have more pictures of H&M stuff but this is the only one I can find.

A brand that I’ve tried out due to Reiss having a few of their tops is LiveFit/ LVFT Apparel. It is an American brand and reasonably priced. 1/2 times we’ve purchased clothes from here we’ve had to pay extra at customs which isn’t so great. The bralet is so comfy and how pretty is the back!

Pink LVFT bra with a top from Forever 21- I think! 

In my opinion, TK Maxx is also great for sports gear. Majority of it is well-known brands and as always, reasonably priced. I always get a little something when I’m in one of their stores.

A recent purchase has been the recently launched Pink Soda available at JD Sports. I like independent-type brands so liked the look of this brand, everyone seems to have a top or two from here now! I discovered the brand on the lovely Lydia Millen’s blog. The Bralet (£18)was really nice and the Hoody (£32) has been very comfy, I wear it a lot and this is by far my favourite piece in the range! The Crackle leggings (£18) are a really different style but they’re probably not for everyday use in the gym. With the price of them though I cannot complain, and it would not stop me from trying more of the brand.

Another post-Christmas purchase was the black with coral Gymshark leggings. They feel AMAZING! They are so comfy and I can wear them a lot with their easy fitting material. We were going out for dinner last night and I was ready on the upper half but not lower and Reiss actually presumed I was wearing them out because I have worn them so much, that must be a good sign haha.

 Gymshark coral and black leggings. 

Nike and Adidas have always been good and I have bought these brands from likes of JD, Next catalogue and outlets. The outlets are the exact same and always ridiculously cheap compared to normal, you’d think they were fake. I go to the one at Craigleith, Edinburgh and I’d recommend trying to find a local one.

I am really looking forward to Ovosi Clothing launching their women’s range and can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

I will refrain from going into detail about shoes as it will make me feel a little bit guilty when I want a new pair next week. However, here are my weightlifting shoes that I’d recommend. Girly colours for a not-so-girly shape of a shoe. 🍇

 Also, a must for the gym that I would recommend are these headphones I bought using some Christmas money. Wireless, Bluetooth, Phillips headphones. They are black with silver but I think the detail on them look kind of diamanté- like! They sound great and luckily, not I have not had any awkward moments where the music is playing when they are not connected which is a bonus!

I have just stolen these photos from the link above. 
If you want to try out a new upcoming fitness brand check out- Carbon Fitness 

Use my DISCOUNT CODE ‘HBS10’ at checkout for 10% off!!!! Pictures to follow on another blog post. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x

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