No quick fix

I’ve spoken about this a few times before. I personally did not start training for the sake of ‘summer bod’ or whatever. I felt so run down and was out all the time I wanted to make a few lifestyle changes.

To lose weight, people think halving their daily calorie intake and powering through the gym is the answer. Although it will make you look lean for a short term, the chances of you managing to keep this up are very very slim. Your attitude or fitness aside, it’s not healthy running on a deficit.

Rather than making a cheat snack into a cheat meal into a cheat day into a cheat weekend, allow yourself to have a treat and don’t feel guilty about it! To motivate yourself, say you missed 1 class or a gym session you normally go to, make sure you do something extra the next time- upping your intensity on cardio or changing some weights into a killer superset. That way you can still earn what you would want to have.

A small change I made this year that makes a huge difference is cycling to class every day. This is 15k a day and takes no more than an hour in total, including getting all organised and getting caught in Edinburgh traffic! To walk to the bus stop, wait on it and the actual journey itself could take up to that, one way.

Another change made was taking out any added sugar in my diet. I used to have 1 or 2 sugars in my tea and add some into my cereal. Taking this out, I actually feel sick drinking tea with sugar now and I don’t crave as much. I watched Sugar-Free Farm on itv and it was really interesting. Your body is addicted to sugar and the more you have, the more you crave. Gradually cutting this out (even for the sake of a couple of sugars in your tea) will make a difference!

Water, this is another gradual fix that just becomes a habit. To start with having minimal water to 2 litres is almost impossible. Getting a water bottle, adding some lemon or something and aiming to fill it up more and more each day is good. People underestimate how much we need it for our body/ skin so it’s really good.

Look at your long-term goals and decide what can help you reach them- here is where you can see shorter-term goals and make those gradual changes. As a result, these will be easier to maintain!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

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