Early week motivation

Now I have my Facebook page up and running and I have started getting reviews from clients, people are saying to me how organised I am. It is quite good pretending that I have everything together online but when it comes down to it, I am not so sure.

I do have some valuable advice though that I think will be good, and as I post this at the start of the week, hopefully, it can set you up for the week ahead!

  • Lists

If there is one thing I couldn’t function without, it is my diary and all the silly lists I make. Haha, for someone that has never used a diary may find this cringy but it keeps everything where it needs to be. I write literally everything in my diary and I don’t have a free day up until mid-October… With a list, it means I don’t come home and try to write 3 essays and study for 2 exams on the same night. It just means I can balance this correctly and just gradually do one task at a time. I also write personal ones- things to save up for, what is needed in the new flat, what posts I can write about next etc.

  • Hobbies

I know every post seems to have some mention of the gym, but it can be anyone’s hobby. No matter how busy life is, you alwaaaaays need to make sure you have some free time to shut off from additional stress and relax. Even if it means going back on the Monday and feeling guilty for not doing anything productive since the previous Monday, you will probably want to work a lot harder and feel a lot more refreshed (or hungover). I just went back to my parents for a weekend, with a day in Millport (including my cycle) on Saturday. I took all my books, laptops and lists all home with me and I did absolutely nothing. However, a week later, I can say I worked hard last week and still managed to get it all done! I always make a point of going out for a meal a couple of times a week which is always a win-win.

  • Holiday 

When I talk to everyone about a summer break, whether it be a night away in a local hotel or a week in the sun, I always think I sound selfish/ greedy saying I NEED a holiday. As nobody NEEDS a holiday, it is just very nice! We went to Side, Turkey last year and it motivated me to get through exams, work some extra shifts and to go to the gym and actually follow some sort of programme. This year, we booked our holiday in March for going away in June. During this time, I felt motivated to get extra shifts in when I started my holiday shop and to study to ensure I wouldn’t need to come back and do any resits or repeat any coursework. As for the gym programme and motivation, I still don’t think I got there! However, I felt happy and not under pressure as I was doing different types of training outwith the gym. I also managed to book a last minute holiday to Cyprus this summer too which was fab.

I think I was definitely made to live in a sunny country, everything seems to much better on holiday!

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  • Retail Therapy 

I know this is sounding as if money is the only way to relax and get everything organised, it is not! I have saved up and budgeted (don’t get a student loan for the sole purpose or retail therapy- read my student saving tips here), but I know when I do get paid that I can order some things if I would like, within reason. Whenever Lydia Elise Millen seems to put up a video of her ‘favourites’, I seem to always feel obliged to order some of it too…

After my exams, I went a spa day with my mum and friend to wind down and chill before my holiday. I also like to book in for frequent facials or to get my nails done when I find a gap in the diary. However, with my massaging work, my nails normally need to be chopped pretty low!

So to finish up, find what you want to do, find the correct balance of work: rest: hobby and you’ll find it all just happens to fall into place. Nobody ever gets the perfect ratios but it’s all part of the fun!

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