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For the last 2 years, I’ve been lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, which is especially great during the Fringe Festival. I’ve gone to watch the military tattoo and random comedians in the back room of a pub which has all been fab.

This year, I booked into watch Megan McGrory and ‘Unlock the Key’. It was an hour chat about health, wealth and happiness which was, of course, right up my street.

It encouraged the best ways to look at life and all about changing your perspective to a positive attitude.

I took notes that I think others may benefit from.

Basically, what Megan and ‘The Key’ encouraged was how you deliberately look at things and if you blame stuff on fate or whether you work to make things happen. (This is all reworded and people may even have understood the full talk differently but this is how I want to perceive it!)

Things that give off good, positive vibes in a person are normally related to love, success, happiness, enthusiasm, hope, the feeling of being content or achieving something.

Looking at it from the opposites point of view. Negative vibes usually come from jealousy, fear, sadness, worry/ anxious and frustration.

Did you know you can experience over 3500 moods or feelings?

Obviously, you can’t help but feel sad when you hear bad news or feel worried about results/ finance/ the future! However, the vibe you give off as a person can be changed by you and people want to be surrounded by happy, positive vibes. Even if an individual’s luck isn’t too great, they can hide it very well and can continue to be positive.

They also spoke about the creation process.

Negative perspective

1- Begin to think it. 2- Continue to think it. May share with a friend or family and begin to picture it. 3- Actually begin to feel it (butterflies!!) starting to believe it.

Positive perspective

1- The desire to have something. 2- Use your energy and focus your attention to get it. 3- Belief and allowing it to happen, creating dreams.

If you have 50,000 thoughts a day- would you rather think and create dreams or build unwanted feelings?

Now read this both ways.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading,  


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