Tonight, I have decided to reminisce on the last month. It has been perfect in the sense I am re-energised for the new year and has reminded me what is really important.

For me, November and December are always hectic. There are so many deadlines, I am ALWAYS ill and, of course, the sun barely shines.

I always love Christmas time though and this year was not any different. I love living in Edinburgh, and at Christmas time, is extra special.

Light show: Edinburgh Botantic Gardens

Ghost: Edinburgh Playhouse


Edinburgh Markets/ Street of Light on George Street and The Huxley


This year, Reiss and I went to London for a few days just before Christmas.
We went to see The Bodyguard, which was amazing. I had to tell Reiss to be quiet a couple of times he was singing so loud…

We both are always very organised when it comes to travelling and we had planned a good itenery prior to going. We managed to fit a lot of attractions in as well as having time to walk around to just appreciate the city- especially at Christmas!

We got the train from Waverley and stayed in an Ibis Style hotel which was nice. After searching hotels for ages, we decided to go for an Ibis because it was ‘safe’ and we knew we really would not be spending any time in the hotel so it should not really matter.

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

The Shard

Missguided store!!!!

Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace

Royal Court of Justice (we stopped on every street to take a picture of all the beautiful buildings)

London Tower Bridge


Selfridges/ HOF on Oxford Street


London Eye

The Bodyguard

We were straight home on Christmas Eve to go home to families. After you move out, you really do appreciate spending quality time with family. I also love all the games we play! 5 second rule is a new favourite.

A couple of weeks of not looking at books/ worrying about coursework, and for the first time in years, not working every day of the Christmas holidays! (Except Christmas of courses) I am ready to get back into a proper routine.

The next few months will be difficult in terms of work and pushing myself training, but I’m excited to see what is going to happen!

Thanks again for reading! 

Hannah x


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