Health & Fitness

2017 Prices



Online Coaching- £30 

A consultation via email to find out your goals. A fully personalised training programme will then be made with some basic instructions. You will be able to contact HBS whenever you would like to ask any questions. Additionally, ideal macros/ micros/ calories will be suggested to help you reach your goals. This is for people that will be confident and safe to carry out the exercises without physical PT and guidance. 

An additional progression programme can be offered 6 weeks after initial programme for just £10

Sports/ Remedial/ Deep tissue/ Therapeutic Massage

30mins- from £20

60mins- from £35

*(mobile prices may vary)

An assessment will be carried out prior to massage. Can range from a gentle technique to relax you and your muscles, to deeper more ‘sports’ based massage to help improve muscle and joint mobility. Whether you ache from sitting at a laptop all day, suffer from muscle soreness after your daily routine or undertake repeated exercises such as playing an instrument. Pre and post event also available.

60mins Outdoor PT Session- £25

Initial consultation will be carried out to ensure that the sessions can help to maximise goals. Personalised training sessions will then be carried out using a range of equipment available. Share the session with friends- prices will vary.

60mins Outdoor Group Circuit Class

The more people that join= the cheaper it is for everyone! A high intensity class outside.  If anyone thinks they have a group of friends that may be interested, get in touch for availability. 


Any further questions, contact: or see the ‘Contact Me’ page. 


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