Himalayan Salt Lamps

My auntie always had a salt lamp when I was younger and I remeber I always found it intriguing! I found one in a shop a couple of months ago and it was 40 pounds. I was not sure how much they should be so decided to shop around. I finally found them at Edinburgh Christmas Markets (about 20 pounds) and it wasn’t till I was buying them I realised the numerous benefits of having one in your home.

I am no expert at all but I am open to trying new things and am happy with it so far! I have also read an article to say none of this is true…. so at least, if anything, they look good!

To start off- The lamps apparently help your moods- you feel healthier and more ‘balanced’.

These lamps are known to kill bacteria and eliminate positively charged ions. They also contain certain minerals that help increase your feeling of wellness.

These negatively charged ions not only help your mood, they also help to increase blood flow to the brain. This helps with your energy and concentration levels. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, a healthy mind=healthy body=easier life!

This is one I have definitely noticed (or maybe a coincidence that my sleeping pattern is slightly better than it has been in the past). The salt lamp is helpful to get a better sleep. If you have it on before you go to sleep- research has shown you are likely to fall asleep faster and into a deeper, restful sleep.

In addition to these, manufacturers have said that the negative ions can help to kill bacteria. This means that toxins are removed from the air- making it ‘cleaner’. It also helps to counteract dangerous radiation that has been known to lead to increased blood pressure and various types of cancer. It can also help with chronic headaches.

Are you convinced yet???

This is just one of the steps I am taking to help with the effects of technology etc. Another thing I am trying is staying off my phone before I go to sleep!!! And stopping scrolling through my phone for 20 minutes every morning in bed before I get up. Awful.

There are some reasonably priced ones onΒ Amazon!

Thanks for reading,Β 

HannahΒ x


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