A day in Millport

Last year, I set myself the task of taking part in 16 challenges throughout the year. Millport Day always falls on the last weekend of March so is always one of the first.

It is an annual ladies day that a family friend organises every year for 100 lovely ladies. It was originally set up a number of years ago to raise money for Williams Syndrome which is close to our hearts. It is always a fabulous day out and the sunshine made it even better this year.

Millport is lovely. The Isle of Cumbrae is approximately 12 miles to cycle around it and took me just under an hour. This included a photo stop or two. A quick ferry from Largs makes it easily accessible. To hire a bike it is about £5 too for a couple of hours. I would love to go back later in the year, but the schedule is looking pretty hectic with moving down south after the summer.

There are a few challenges throughout the year (not as much as last year!) which I will be keeping a diary of. A big one in 5 weeks time… eek!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x


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