To plan our summer holiday, we literally zoomed in on random islands to check the names and to see if there were flights from the UK. This resulted in a week in Sardinia.

We stayed at Cala di Lepre which was on the north coast/ emerald coast/ costa smeralda. It was a stunning resort and there were frequent buggies to take you to the pool and restaurants. We were half board and the food was unreal for a buffet!

It was quite a walk to the city centre (Palau), as the paths weren’t great but it was manageable. There were frequent buses or taxis, which was no more than 15€.

We went on a few boat trips and they were stunning. The water was unreal and it was pretty obvious how it got its nickname. We had a day trip to Bonifacio, Corsica, which was lovely to have a taste of Italy and France in one day.

It was a very chilled holiday and I think most hotels appeared to be resorts which were quite remote from the rest. I would love to have a holiday home here as it really was a perfect chilled getaway that I think would appeal to a lot of my friends and family!

Thanks for reading,  

Hannah x



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