NYE in Venice

This NYE was spent in Venice. We flew out midday on the 31st and stayed until the evening of the 4th. The place was beautiful and didn’t even look real! The weather was average for anywhere in Europe at this time and rained for one day.


We tried Airbnb for the first time and will definitely use it again. Our stunning studio (here) was in Murano with a garden and patio area right on the water (like most things in Venice). It was a 20 minute water taxi from the airport and only about 5 minutes water taxi from mainland Venice. Murano is full of stunning handmade glass. Unfortunately, the glass lamp on my wish list is €28k…

For the bells, we were in Piazza San Marco (or St. Marks Square) where the atmosphere was amazing!


Water taxis were €20 euro for a 24-hour pass into Venice which we were surprised at as the airport return was cheaper. It was cheaper the more days you bought. We were annoyed as once we bought a ticket not once was it checked in the week! (I wouldn’t risk it though as there is a fine!). The maps to get around the place on the water are like the London underground with the colours and is pretty simple to follow. Just make sure you get on the correct route in the right direction or you will do a lap of the islands before you get to where you wanna be!

The food, as expected, was yum. We love bread and oils, pasta and pizza and this was what we had for brekkie, lunch and dinner every day. Prosecco and bellini even tasted soo much better here. We did try our first Hard Rock Cafe for some lovely cocktails and fajitas. It felt like we spent a lot of money over the 5 days, but meals were about €30 so it must have been everything in between. Everywhere I go, I seem to talk about the hot chocolates but, these were soooo good!

We bought a museum pass and we went to a few churches. I would definitely recommend going into St Mark’s Basilica. No photographs are allowed inside here, which is common inside the churches, so you need to see it for yourself to appreciate it! I did get a picture on the balcony at the top.

The shops were great. As my brother reminded me of the quote when I sent him pictures ‘Italians do it better’. If you were after a nice handbag, you were in the right place! I love the look of shops, I think even more so now that Ovosi Clothing has recently reopened with their new concept store, I appreciate the detail more.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

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