Sticking to your New Years Resolution after January

“Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go”

The majority of people will have quit their new years’ resolution by now- but why?

Resolutions need to be realistic and manageable, and you need to actually want to commit to it! It could be a ‘cheat meal’ where you decide that’s the end of the diet or an awkward gym experience where you decide you’re never going back. There is alwaaaays going to be some barriers along the way, but it does not mean you need to give up!

If you change too much too soon, you may just switch back to your old habits. So, I’ve looked at common things that people look to change.

  • Weight Loss

Yes- Cutting out carbs does help you lose weight fast, but is not a sustainable way to live. You need carbs to give you energy. Another shortcut could be using these fat burning shakes/teas/pills. These can actually be dangerous for you and it will not give you long-term results to a healthier, happier you. SO, make gradual changes to your weekly shop. Avoid ingredients with added sugars and keep fat low- in particular, saturated and trans fats.

Oil when cooking foods. Try using coconut oil or a spray. Some foods that you fry, use a grill instead so you’re not using any oil. I recently tried the low kcal spray and its good, and you hardly need any of it. When cooking veg, try to steam.

  • Staying hydrated

Aim to have a small glass of water when you first wake up and aim to fill your bottle up more and more as during the day. Add lemon or something to make it more appealing. Ideally, aim for at least 2 litres of water a day. If you are not in the habit of drinking much water during the day, it will be difficult to go from a class to this 2 litres goal, so gradually drink more throughout the day.

Your daily cuppa- every day take a little less sugar/ syrup before you realise you don’t need any. It may also be a suggestion to try alternative teas- such as green, lemon, ginger or peppermint. People just love the comfort of a hot cuppa rather than the actual taste.

Read the facts here.

  • The Gym

The fear about joining the gym- but what is it that actually puts people off? Not knowing what to do- get yourself a plan to follow. There are so many free workouts available on the internet these days, I have pinned some on my Pinterest. Normally people are fine getting on a machine and using it, but they are unsure of how many reps and sets they should be aiming for. This means if someone else comes along looking to use it you just get up mid-set and offer it to them, there is nothing wrong with saying you will be another few minutes. Everyone was new to the gym once! I put my headphones in and find it easy to block everyone off. Try some classes as this may be more of a push if you have a day and time to follow. Even if you go to the gym, start to warm up for 20 minutes and decide you are really not in the mood- this is soo much better than not going to the gym at all! Remember that and do not be too hard on yourself. If you are a student, save some money when joining the gym by reading the post here.

I always thought the saying was 21 days to form a habit, but reading more they say it can take 66 days. This just shows that everyone is different, and that is ok!

Good luck with whatever you plan to do/ change/ start/ quit this year.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

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