February Favourites

Sooo when I’ve been thinking about nice things I’ve found to recommend or review, I find that I don’t need to dedicate a full post to it. Instead, I’m going to list some random things- literally, anything- that I think may be useful/ interesting/ probably make you think ‘eh?’

  • Special gift

We had a family engagement (as always, for any occasion- Paperchase is still a must). However, I found this company, Posterhaste, where I got a print of the night of their engagement at the location he popped the question. Luckily, they loved it. I found the company a while ago and had a feeling that I would need to think of an engagement pressie soon! Prints would be perfect for an engagement, birthday or a new born- any special moment really.

  • Primark (living in England, I really need to start saying pry-mark and not pre-mark to stop the funny looks and the awful Scottish impressions).

I was in here a week ago and they have some real love stuff. I bought an iridescent beach bag which I looooove. We booked Bali this month (for after exams in May) which is sooo exciting. I like to buy odd things here and there, but I know as there’s still snow in some areas, it will be a while till I get to wear my summer range!

Everything in this range is fab u lous. Unfortunately (but really serves me right as I underestimate how busy sales are) I missed out on the launch, but I did manage to buy myself an ombré tank top. I got it with the black flex leggings. You can never go wrong with black leggings. The Gymshark girls I follow on social media appear to wear small sizes (XS) for their height/ weight. I am 50kg and 5 ft 1 (and a half) and I got S in both. There’s definitely room at the bottom of the leggings once they are on to stretch out but I wouldn’t say they were too big- just right. They also have a new reversible range which I am loving the colours. I reviewed gym clothes a while ago (read it here), but gym shark really does nail it. I love the material. Also- a little bonus- I found they do student discount on Student Beans. I made an account, which was pretty simple with my student email and got signed up straight away.

  • I am really liking Netflix at the moment.

I only signed up for it when I moved in myself at Newcastle and I’ve started watching quite a lot of movies. I find there are a lot, especially the ones exclusive to Netflix, that is sooo underrated. I am even at the stage where I can’t even remember the names of the movies which is not like me at all. I can, however, recommend You Get Me, Step Sisters, Love, Rosie and Think Like a Man. An emotional one was Irreplaceable You. I have been snowed in for a few days and this sure does put everything into perspective.

I’m currently in the last few months of my honours year. A book I’ve found to help with my dissertation- I read a few sites online about the research methods etc. and they cited this book so I’ve borrowed it from the library. You could always buy it from Amazon if you would prefer to keep it for longer.

I said this would be random!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

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