Staycation in Edinburgh

After living in the capital for 3 years, I thought I would write some hints and tips for places to visit if you ever want to spend some time here.

  • When?

I think there is always a right time to visit in Edinburgh. I like the atmosphere during the Fringe Festival, Christmas markets or when there is rugby on that weekend. The Fringe is on throughout July and August and there are a lot of events to go and see. Some years, we went to some free shows that are literally in the back of restaurants, and we were impressed by the talents. When I pass a busker, I make a point of getting their name and following/ liking them on social media. During the fringe, it’s their time to shine! I also booked for a free course The Key which was hosted at Village hotel, it was about mindfulness/ changing your perspective and I found it really helpful. Rugby weekends are always a good vibe, I love Murrayfield and also like finding a nice place to watch the games- the Three Sisters is one of the most popular for national games.

Read about Christmas time in Edinburgh here.


  • Where?

As I had flats in Edinburgh, we didn’t have overnights as such here but my recommendations would be Tigerlilly and Le Monde (both on George Street) and Village which is slightly further out the centre (near the Botanics), Angels share also had a good rep which is at one end of Princes Street. If there is a group of you, I’d definitely recommend looking into an apartment for you all if that’s what you fancy.

  • To eat

Tigerlilly was where I spent a couple of birthday dinners. It was family meals, date nights and dinner and drinks with the girls. I loved it! It was so reasonably priced and lunchtime deals were even better.

Le Monde was where Reiss and I went a couple of times in our first year and it was lovely. We also had dinner at the Dome which is ideal perhaps for something special.

Candy bar also was very cheap for food and had great cocktails, we had a lot of girls nights in here. This is also on George Street.

My favourite cafe was in Morningside and was all organic. The soups and smoothies were fab and I spent a lot of Saturdays in between work and rugby here, as well as the off afternoon doing some work.

Edinburgh is perfect for just walking around and finding hidden gems. I’ve named some well- known places in the centre but you can never go wrong with something random. (Any recommendations for when I go back to Edinburgh would be more than welcome!)

There’s an Escape the room, lots of history, the Royal Mile, the National Museum, the Botanics (where we went at night for a light show which was lovely, and also for lunch one day which was great). The Dominion cinema in Morningside area is nice for a movie and of course, the Playhouse for a musical (but I’m biased with musicals). I went back at Christmas time for our ‘Edinburgh day’ and I always find something new there.

Edinburgh is definitely a place where you walk around and find your own little favourites, but I hope these recommendations help!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

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