Celebrating Success

With graduation around the corner, I have had a lot of discussions recently about “what next?”. In four years- I left school, lived in four different flats, two cities and met some really amazing people along the way. If you asked me “what next?” during that time, I would have no clue how to answer it. Around this time of year (April/ May), I wasn’t totally sure where I was going to live or work the following year, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Even thinking back to January in sixth year when I came home from one of my Uni interviews and realised 100% it wasn’t the route I wanted to go down. I am SOOOO glad I realised then rather than several years down the line. I now have found something I absolutely love. Something that I actually want to speak to people about, and can actually admit that I enjoy studying! To be fair, I never really learned how to properly study till I left school. I sound as if I am confident at studying… as I procrastinate and avoid my dissertation…

We live in a world- or generation? Where people don’t seem to stop and take praise when they deserve it. People question that you may have a hidden agenda if you support someone- whether it be at work, personal life or social media. Others in the same industry see you as a competition. There is enough room for everyone!! Put in the hard work and support each other. I can say I have never held a grudge or anything with people in my industry who perhaps have an opportunity. I think everything happens for a reason and timing is everything. Seeing people doing well honestly makes me so happy.

“Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter” 

This quote is so relevant and everyone needs to take note. You always remember who is there for you- in good times or bad times. People will remember who celebrated their success with them- and those who didn’t.

Obviously, don’t be fake and pretend to be enthusiastic if you aren’t. However, ask yourself why you can’t be happy and then you might change your mind. I watched my school friends YouTube video (watch and sub here!) the other day and he spoke about meeting up with people from our area/school who are doing well and how that motivates him. It is nice to hear people rooting for each other and an example that it can be motivation for you to meet your goals.

“When people support each other, incredible things happen” 

When we were still at school Reiss shared a quote and it is still stuck me (a- because he spent ages making the graphic himself and b- it is actually a good quote).

“Surround yourself with others on the same mission as you”

With this, I don’t necessarily mean people in the same job as you. I think like-minded people who also want ‘success’. I say it like this as it is different for everyone. Whether it’s what car you drive or the food you eat, as long as you are happy, I believe you are successful. If that means coming home from an interview and totally having a change of heart (after the nerves have gone and you realise you aren’t just being over dramatic) or meeting up with someone from the same school to motivate you, then so be it!

Disclaimer (kind of)- Just because you don’t read about peoples ‘success’ on social media, doesn’t mean they aren’t happy and acing life/work/everything in general.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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