Gili island hopping

On our Bali trip, we also visited the Gili Islands. We stayed in Gili T(rawangan) which is probably the most popular island of the three (there is also Meno and Air).

We also booked our villa here via Airbnb called Les Villas Ottalia. It was a resort and majority of the villas had their own private pool as well as a communal one where the restaurant is. We had a really lovely welcome and they let us check in early which was great as it gave us longer to getting settled and explore.

Gili itself is only about 15km in size but when we were trying to find the villa after getting off the boat I honestly felt like we were trekking for ages in the middle of nowhere. Location wise, it did initially seem really far out but it was actually in the middle of the island so easily accessible to the strip/ restaurants and boats etc. and then the other side where everyone goes to watch the sunset and get the obligatory picture on the swings. So I would say it was ideal. It had a bike store where we rented bikes to get around the island.

I underestimated how much there was to do and see in and around the Gili islands so we only booked to stay in Gili T for two nights. I definitely would have booked more if I knew now. We went on a snorkelling boat trip to Gili Meno and Gili Air. As expected, some of the views were breathtaking and there were lots to explore in the sea. I love the chilled out vibe on Gili Air.

The food here was unreal. We had Balinese/ Thai food on the beach which was lovely. However, the other meals were a pizza and a burger which was unusual from us not like me to try more of the local cuisine.

Like our Bali trip, I took a note of a couple of hotels on Gili T where I would like I check out more!

Villa Ombak

Marc Hotel Gili T

Pearl of Trawangan 

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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