I am from the countryside and now living in Edinburgh to study. After studying Fitness, Health and Exercise for a year after school, I found a lot of aspects I was interested in. This involved anything from gym-based work to physiology/ anatomy to nutrition. I am now specialising in Sports Therapy, working towards an Honours Degree.


This blog was set up in 2015. Personally, I enjoy reading other blogs and have always wanted to try one for myself, I just did not find the confidence (or patience) in actually pursuing it. When making a lifestyle change, no matter how big or small, someone else’s opinion is always helpful.

Here, I share anything from my day-to-day life, aspects I find interesting when studying or general challenges I am doing. It can be anything from food to fashion to fitness!


I found that fitness is not all about looking good on the outside, but also to get you in the correct mindset. With the appropriate guidance and self-motivation, there is nothing that can stop a person to reach their goals. These sometimes can help aid other goals with work etc. as overall confidence levels increase.

Fitness is not about having a gym membership and going a few times a week, it is about finding what is right for you and to use that elsewhere. This could be in your own home when nobody else is in, outside in a park or at fitness classes with friends.


I am currently working towards an Honours Degree in Sports Therapy. At the moment, specialising in sports massage, including initial consultations and assessments. I have worked with a number of athletes, a local rugby team and running events (pre and post event massage).

I currently am based in a lovely multi-therapy clinic Therap-Ease which is in Morningside, Edinburgh. There are a number of therapies available and I am enjoying developing my skills working alongside some very good therapists.


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Hannah x