January Update

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction”

So we’re a couple weeks into the new year and the ‘new me’ phase is slowly fading. I’ve said it before- I don’t believe in short-term diets. I believe you should gradually cut out the crap and make small, long-term changes.

Yo-yo dieting for your body confuses your metabolism. However, it is good having a little detox here and there. I feel people get themselves down for feeling guilty about missing a fitness class/ workout/ training session. Or people that feel they need to turn a cheat meal… into a cheat day… then into a cheat weekend. I believe in balance!!!

I probably would say I am healthy 80% of the time and eat unhealthier things 20% of the time. If I feel I’m craving something sugary at lunchtime, I have it and don’t feel guilty about it. If we get a dominoes (I normally feel bleugh after it anyway) but I just know I can work the following session a little bit harder. I occasional track my macros and get familiar with what meals reach what, but I don’t take it too seriously. Hats off to those that day, it’s all about what works for each individual!

Cardio is always easier when you know you’ve got a holiday coming up (personal opinion) so this is gonna be easier, but it doesn’t mean you should get yourself down for not putting 100% into EVERY training session.

Currently, I am aiming for 12,000 steps a day on my Fitbit. Some days I get 4,000. Others I get 20,000… so I’m aiming for this as an ‘average’. I am gyming a couple days a week and going to 4 classes a week. One day before I work in the clinic on the evening, I’m going to try and keep up the 3 classes back to back that I’ve done today. (1 is an abs class so only 15 mins) and this is a good all over workout on top of my current training plan. I really want to get into a stretch/ yoga class as my flexibility is awful compared to how it used to be. So this is a goal for 2017!

Eating wise, I would say I have been ‘healthy’. I keep feeling like I am coming down with the cold, although it has not really come to anything. I’ve been going to my favourite organic cafe for my usual sunrise smoothie and soup of the day. I’ve still never tried anything else…

Interesting Breakdown
Organic Cafe, Morningside (Edinburgh)

If you need any personalised guidance, you know where I am!

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Christmas time in London and Edinburgh

Tonight, I have decided to reminisce about the last month. It has been perfect in the sense I am re-energised for the new year and has reminded me what is really important.

For me, November and December are always hectic. There are so many deadlines, I am ALWAYS ill and, of course, the sun barely shines.

I always love Christmas time though and this year was not any different. I love living in Edinburgh, and at Christmas time, is extra special.

Light show: Edinburgh Botantic Gardens
Ghost: Edinburgh Playhouse
Edinburgh Markets/ Street of Light on George Street and The Huxley

This year, Reiss and I went to London for a few days just before Christmas.
We went to see The Bodyguard, which was amazing. I had to tell Reiss to be quiet a couple of times he was singing so loud…

We both are always very organised when it comes to travelling and we had planned a good itinerary prior to going. We managed to fit a lot of attractions in as well as having time to walk around to just appreciate the city- especially at Christmas! Harry Potter World was a must! Especially ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ this is quite far from central but easy enough. We got a train (overground) and taxi there and then managed to get the shuttle type bus back to the stations for the way home.

We got the train from Waverley to Kings Cross and stayed in an Ibis Style hotel which was nice. After searching hotels for ages, we decided to go for an Ibis because it was ‘safe’ and we knew we really would not be spending any time in the hotel so it should not really matter. We bought one Oyster card and used contactless Card (cause Reiss didn’t have a contactless- I would defo recommend that!). We really got the hang of the underground and didn’t use taxis or buses at all. We walked around a lot, which is obviously ideal and cheaper but I would recommend just to appreciate the city.

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park
The Shard
Missguided store!!!!
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Royal Court of Justice (we stopped on every street to take a picture of all the beautiful buildings)
London Tower Bridge
Selfridges/ HOF on Oxford Street
London Eye
The Bodyguard

We were straight home on Christmas Eve to go home to families. After you move out, you really do appreciate spending quality time with family. I also love all the games we play! 5-second rule is a new favourite.

A couple of weeks of not looking at books/ worrying about coursework, and for the first time in years, not working every day of the Christmas holidays! (Except Christmas of courses) I am ready to get back into a proper routine.

The next few months will be difficult in terms of work and pushing myself training, but I’m excited to see what is going to happen!

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Replacing I with WE in Illness… Wellness!

This weeks ‘quote of the week’ is in line with raising awareness for mental health awareness. I consider mental Health every day when dealing with clients and I think it’s great how many people shared posts over the last few days to raise awareness.

Be kind- always.

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(I found all these pictures from shares on social media so not sure where they actually came from)

Don’t get mad, do better!

This week quote of the week is a screenshot from the lovely Kayla Itsines!

I know I always emphasise it’s not a competition but this is a different kind haha. Rather than dwelling on a lost job/ opportunity- allow it to motivate you to work harder.

Everything is either a blessing or a lesson 🤗

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Being better than the person you were yesterday

This weeks ‘quote of the week’ tries to emphasise that a healthy lifestyle should be for the long term and not a competition. Yes, certain events/ people can push us to do more but your main aim should only to be better than the person you were yesterday.

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Staying hydrated

As a lot of people struggle to drink as much water as they should, I thought I would write a little post of some important reasons why we should make an effort to consume enough water in a day!!

Ideally, you should really aim for about 2 litres of water a day (weight dependent). However, don’t be put off by this as there are easier ways to drink enough.

Every day, I carry a bottle with me and make sure I refill it once or twice a day. Before all this, I will make a point of drinking a glass of water in the morning before I leave the house. I use to have a fancy infuser water bottle so could put stuff like a slice of lemon in it in the morning, but this phase slowly died down. However, it did make it a lot easier to drink and it was very refreshing. Sometimes when I have just had back-to-back classes, I feel quite dehydrated (even though I have drank throughout) and am always tempted to have an irn bru or something. A word of warning though: although fizzy drinks taste soo good at the time, it really isn’t good for your insides and will make you feel worse- and ultimately dehydrated/ thirstier.

Why do we really need water though?

You can go a few weeks without eating anything, but the body can only last few days without staying hydrated.

It plays a vital role in the functioning of the body, regulating the insides and keeping your brain functioning. If you don’t have enough water, you are likely to suffer from headaches, fatigue, and even memory loss. It can even cause general joint and muscle pain as the body is weaker and begins to try and  ‘steal’ the water from the joints.

Toxins that lead to inflammation- and spots! Are flushed out by water, so eventually, your skin will be clearer. Additionally, wrinkles are less likely to appear if you are hydrated so you can look younger.

Water helps move substances around the body, like blood plasma, keeping the pH tip top and helping the immune system by circulating antibodies and working efficiently.

When it is that awkward in-between time between your lunch break and finishing time and you are craving some sugar or caffeine, the chances are- you are slightly dehydrated and beginning to feel fatigued. This also helps to prevent you from binge eating, as drinking reduces the feeling of hunger and then maybe even stop you from putting on weight (obviously snacks here and there won’t be the end of the world, I just mean to get out the frequent habit)

If you couldn’t be bothered reading all that, here is a little summary!


(from www.thefactsaboutwater.org

So instead of depending on your fizzy drinks or caffeine to give you a short time boost, drink some more water!

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Invest in Yourself

I thought I would share these two pictures to start off my ‘Quote of the Week’ posts.

These are so important. I will admit- I do enjoy some retail therapy and it definitely does help the mind! However, it is essential to have that correct balance where you INVEST IN YOURSELF. Whether it be a massage to relax and help your body, or if it’s buying a pricey, but very healthy, smoothie on your way home from work! They don’t need to be something that costs money- take some time to really chill outside without your phone as a distraction.

If you are interested- scroll down and subscribe as I will be posting interesting/ motivational quotes at least once a week.

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Happy Mind

For the last 2 years, I’ve been lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, which is especially great during the Fringe Festival. I’ve gone to watch the military tattoo and random comedians in the back room of a pub which has all been fab.

This year, I booked into watch Megan McGrory and ‘Unlock the Key’. It was an hour chat about health, wealth and happiness which was, of course, right up my street.

It encouraged the best ways to look at life and all about changing your perspective to a positive attitude.

I took notes that I think others may benefit from.

Basically, what Megan and ‘The Key’ encouraged was how you deliberately look at things and if you blame stuff on fate or whether you work to make things happen. (This is all reworded and people may even have understood the full talk differently but this is how I want to perceive it!)

Things that give off good, positive vibes in a person are normally related to love, success, happiness, enthusiasm, hope, the feeling of being content or achieving something.

Looking at it from the opposites point of view. Negative vibes usually come from jealousy, fear, sadness, worry/ anxious and frustration.

Did you know you can experience over 3500 moods or feelings?

Obviously, you can’t help but feel sad when you hear bad news or feel worried about results/ finance/ the future! However, the vibe you give off as a person can be changed by you and people want to be surrounded by happy, positive vibes. Even if an individual’s luck isn’t too great, they can hide it very well and can continue to be positive.

They also spoke about the creation process.

Negative perspective

1- Begin to think it. 2- Continue to think it. May share with a friend or family and begin to picture it. 3- Actually begin to feel it (butterflies!!) starting to believe it.

Positive perspective

1- The desire to have something. 2- Use your energy and focus your attention to get it. 3- Belief and allowing it to happen, creating dreams.

If you have 50,000 thoughts a day- would you rather think and create dreams or build unwanted feelings?

Now read this both ways.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Early week motivation

Now I have my Facebook page up and running and I have started getting reviews from clients, people are saying to me how organised I am. It is quite good pretending that I have everything together online but when it comes down to it, I am not so sure.

I do have some valuable advice though that I think will be good, and as I post this at the start of the week, hopefully, it can set you up for the week ahead!

  • Lists

If there is one thing I couldn’t function without, it is my diary and all the silly lists I make. Haha, for someone that has never used a diary may find this cringy but it keeps everything where it needs to be. I write literally everything in my diary and I don’t have a free day up until mid-October… With a list, it means I don’t come home and try to write 3 essays and study for 2 exams on the same night. It just means I can balance this correctly and just gradually do one task at a time. I also write personal ones- things to save up for, what is needed in the new flat, what posts I can write about next etc.

  • Hobbies

I know every post seems to have some mention of the gym, but it can be anyone’s hobby. No matter how busy life is, you alwaaaaays need to make sure you have some free time to shut off from additional stress and relax. Even if it means going back on the Monday and feeling guilty for not doing anything productive since the previous Monday, you will probably want to work a lot harder and feel a lot more refreshed (or hungover). I just went back to my parents for a weekend, with a day in Millport (including my cycle) on Saturday. I took all my books, laptops and lists all home with me and I did absolutely nothing. However, a week later, I can say I worked hard last week and still managed to get it all done! I always make a point of going out for a meal a couple of times a week which is always a win-win.

  • Holiday 

When I talk to everyone about a summer break, whether it be a night away in a local hotel or a week in the sun, I always think I sound selfish/ greedy saying I NEED a holiday. As nobody NEEDS a holiday, it is just very nice! We went to Side, Turkey last year and it motivated me to get through exams, work some extra shifts and to go to the gym and actually follow some sort of programme. This year, we booked our holiday in March for going away in June. During this time, I felt motivated to get extra shifts in when I started my holiday shop and to study to ensure I wouldn’t need to come back and do any resits or repeat any coursework. As for the gym programme and motivation, I still don’t think I got there! However, I felt happy and not under pressure as I was doing different types of training outwith the gym. I also managed to book a last minute holiday to Cyprus this summer too which was fab.

I think I was definitely made to live in a sunny country, everything seems to much better on holiday!

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  • Retail Therapy 

I know this is sounding as if money is the only way to relax and get everything organised, it is not! I have saved up and budgeted (don’t get a student loan for the sole purpose or retail therapy- read my student saving tips here), but I know when I do get paid that I can order some things if I would like, within reason. Whenever Lydia Elise Millen seems to put up a video of her ‘favourites’, I seem to always feel obliged to order some of it too…

After my exams, I went a spa day with my mum and friend to wind down and chill before my holiday. I also like to book in for frequent facials or to get my nails done when I find a gap in the diary. However, with my massaging work, my nails normally need to be chopped pretty low!

So to finish up, find what you want to do, find the correct balance of work: rest: hobby and you’ll find it all just happens to fall into place. Nobody ever gets the perfect ratios but it’s all part of the fun!

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No quick fix

I’ve spoken about this a few times before. I personally did not start training for the sake of ‘summer bod’ or whatever. I felt so run down and was out all the time I wanted to make a few lifestyle changes.

To lose weight, people think halving their daily calorie intake and powering through the gym is the answer. Although it will make you look lean for a short term, the chances of you managing to keep this up are very very slim. Your attitude or fitness aside, it’s not healthy running on a deficit.

Rather than making a cheat snack into a cheat meal into a cheat day into a cheat weekend, allow yourself to have a treat and don’t feel guilty about it! To motivate yourself, say you missed 1 class or a gym session you normally go to, make sure you do something extra the next time- upping your intensity on cardio or changing some weights into a killer superset. That way you can still earn what you would want to have.

A small change I made this year that makes a huge difference is cycling to class every day. This is 15k a day and takes no more than an hour in total, including getting all organised and getting caught in Edinburgh traffic! To walk to the bus stop, wait on it and the actual journey itself could take up to that, one way.

Another change made was taking out any added sugar in my diet. I used to have 1 or 2 sugars in my tea and add some into my cereal. Taking this out, I actually feel sick drinking tea with sugar now and I don’t crave as much. I watched Sugar-Free Farm on itv and it was really interesting. Your body is addicted to sugar and the more you have, the more you crave. Gradually cutting this out (even for the sake of a couple of sugars in your tea) will make a difference!

Water, this is another gradual fix that just becomes a habit. To start with having minimal water to 2 litres is almost impossible. Getting a water bottle, adding some lemon or something and aiming to fill it up more and more each day is good. People underestimate how much we need it for our body/ skin so it’s really good.

Look at your long-term goals and decide what can help you reach them- here is where you can see shorter-term goals and make those gradual changes. As a result, these will be easier to maintain!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x