What even is a morning person?

No matter what you’re doing first thing, there will always be one individual using the excuse that they’re not a morning person. Recently, starting the early shift at half 5 in a leisure centre (working not training), I ask myself ‘who would want to get up out of choice at this time?!’ However, it appears more popular than I originally thought. In my group of friends from my fitness course, there were a couple that always had their workout complete before going to the 9am lecture. Meanwhile, there was me, rolling out of bed at 8 to just arrive on the dot. It doesn’t mean I don’t get any less done in a day but there is that sense of laziness.
  • Morning

You see it. The devoted people that have their alarms set for 5am for a morning run or gym before work. It can be great ticking off your daily workout while most people still sleep, detoxing the body and that feeling of endorphins to set you up for the day ahead. More often than not, people can go from being in bed to working out within 30 minutes of waking up which can be a shock for the system. Whether it’s a morning run or fitness class. I suppose anything is ok for the body if there is an efficient warm up, but I don’t know how anyone can do it on an empty stomach or straight after eating a quick brekkie. Also, going from being all cosy in bed to freezing temperatures outside (I’m thinking more Scottish mornings) to then be all hot (and probably sweaty) can not be good for the muscles trying to adapt to each drastic change in temp.

morning pic

  • Evening

This is going to appear biased because I have always looked forward to exercising after my lectures/ work. I have always found training relaxing, and although it takes my mind off everything and in a way wakens me up, I always am more than likely to fall into a better sleep.

Not always but most fitness classes are in the evening in gyms. In the evening (all personal experiences!) people are more likely to binge eat after exercise in the evening than the morning. I hear people go to a couple of classes a week and then straight to get a takeaway after it because they have ‘earned it’. This is totally a personal choice for people and I don’t want to mock it, but is there really any point when all you are craving is about triple the calories than you have just burned?
In comparison to morning, people will do their morning workout then have a healthy breakfast/ smoothie. (Am I being stereotypical?) Probably because the takeaway restaurant doesn’t open till 4…


High-intensity classes advertise that you continue to burn calories after you have finished your workout. So is it better to do this before you put the body into an 8-hour sleep or first thing in the morning when you are lacking carbs and train on an empty stomach? Articles I have read on the topic seem to contradict others. We could play it safe and do it bang in the middle of the day when your body is at its ‘peak’.
Whenever you do decide to workout, make sure it’s when you feel like you can put in 100% and not just when suits your friend. Follow a time that fits perfectly into your routine. Or just mix it up a little every day!

When is your favourite time to workout?


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Hannah x


Final picture from http://truselfsportingclub.com/high-intensity-interval-training-hiit-class-auditions-today-and-presale-hours/

Look good, feel good! Or something like that…

For someone who is dressed for the gym 90% of the time (whether I’m training or not) I thought it would be good to write a post about what I wear. I am going to talk about some recent buys, my recommendations and the one hit wonders when it comes to training in them.

As I am doing a fitness/ therapy course, it is essential to wear something appropriate for stretching and getting physical pretty much every day. Prior to starting the course 2 years ago (where is the time going!) I bought a lot of stuff from H&M for everyday wear. As I was going to be wearing it daily, I grudged spending so much on branded leggings that were on average £50 each as I’d be needing a few pairs a week-I was moving out for the first time, laundry wasn’t an option. I literally still have stuff from that H&M haul 2 years ago and it’s still in half decent condition!

 I thought I’d have more pictures of H&M stuff but this is the only one I can find.

A brand that I’ve tried out due to Reiss having a few of their tops is LiveFit/ LVFT Apparel. It is an American brand and reasonably priced. 1/2 times we’ve purchased clothes from here we’ve had to pay extra at customs which isn’t so great. The bralet is so comfy and how pretty is the back!

Pink LVFT bra with a top from Forever 21- I think! 

In my opinion, TK Maxx is also great for sports gear. Majority of it is well-known brands and as always, reasonably priced. I always get a little something when I’m in one of their stores.

A recent purchase has been the recently launched Pink Soda available at JD Sports. I like independent-type brands so liked the look of this brand, everyone seems to have a top or two from here now! I discovered the brand on the lovely Lydia Millen’s blog. The Bralet (£18)was really nice and the Hoody (£32) has been very comfy, I wear it a lot and this is by far my favourite piece in the range! The Crackle leggings (£18) are a really different style but they’re probably not for everyday use in the gym. With the price of them though I cannot complain, and it would not stop me from trying more of the brand.

Another post-Christmas purchase was the black with coral Gymshark leggings. They feel AMAZING! They are so comfy and I can wear them a lot with their easy fitting material. We were going out for dinner last night and I was ready on the upper half but not lower and Reiss actually presumed I was wearing them out because I have worn them so much, that must be a good sign haha.

 Gymshark coral and black leggings. 

Nike and Adidas have always been good and I have bought these brands from likes of JD, Next catalogue and outlets. The outlets are the exact same and always ridiculously cheap compared to normal, you’d think they were fake. I go to the one at Craigleith, Edinburgh and I’d recommend trying to find a local one.

I am really looking forward to Ovosi Clothing launching their women’s range and can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

I will refrain from going into detail about shoes as it will make me feel a little bit guilty when I want a new pair next week. However, here are my weightlifting shoes that I’d recommend. Girly colours for a not-so-girly shape of a shoe. 🍇

 Also, a must for the gym that I would recommend are these headphones I bought using some Christmas money. Wireless, Bluetooth, Phillips headphones. They are black with silver but I think the detail on them look kind of diamanté- like! They sound great and luckily, not I have not had any awkward moments where the music is playing when they are not connected which is a bonus!

I have just stolen these photos from the link above. 
If you want to try out a new upcoming fitness brand check out- Carbon Fitness 

Use my DISCOUNT CODE ‘HBS10’ at checkout for 10% off!!!! Pictures to follow on another blog post. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x

What is stopping you?

Along with the New Years resolution trend, I have noticed a lot of negative comments from people. Too many individuals write ‘I have no willpower’ and ‘gave up already’ etc.

I’m not sure if anyone has read any of the regular gym goers complaining about ‘January newbies’. What a ridiculous thing. Just because people go to the gym religiously after their summer holiday does not mean they have priority. If the gym being too busy at the moment is an issue for you, work around it. You can get familiar with peak times, be flexible with your day- try going in the morning rather than at nighttime if that’s quieter (or vice versa).

I produced a survey last year to find out what stopped people from training. Results included intimidation of others (probably these ‘experts’), lack of knowledge and motivation. All of these have solutions.

Very rarely do I even notice anyone else in the gym if I do not already know them personally. I would never start to judge somebody or look at them- unless they were hogging something I wanted for half an hour while sitting on their phone. Yesterday in the gym there was a lady ran over to help a man on the rack, he was needing a spotter and was struggling mid-bench. She helped him up and they high- fived and he continued confidently with his sets. I didn’t mean to stare or anything but she ran past me so suddenly I checked to see if it was nothing serious. They obviously never knew each other before this but you just need to trust that people will help you if need be.

Lack of knowledge puts a lot of people off. Personal trainers appear expensive at the beginning but people underestimate how effective a couple of sessions to get the correct techniques/ forms can be. I would definitely recommend a session with someone, this can even be a friend with more experience. If this doesn’t suit even just write some ideas down of what you would like to try and watch them on YouTube. Absolutely everything has a YouTube tutorial for it!

Motivation. Now I can sit and write a million and one motivational quotes to help you get out to the gym or to take the steps rather than the lift etc. The only way it’s going to change your mind is to take little steps and often. I read a quote from Conor McGregor that I liked. I’m not a huge fan of him (only because I don’t follow the sport it’s nothing personal) but this could apply to anyone at any time for anything.

So stop waiting to start next week, nearer summer, or make it next years resolution. There is no point saying ‘I will never look like that or feel like that’ because you won’t until you make a change. Begin to make little positive changes to your lifestyle tomorrow. Your future self will thank ya for it!!

For any help email: hbsfitnesstherapy@gmail.com


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Hannah x

Typical New Year Post

So it’s the start of January and I’m just recovering from all the festivities (literally have been cuddled up in the couch with a million layers on and a hot water bottle for the past two days)

Christmas was so lovely this year. It means a lot more now because we are getting older and busy with ‘adult’ things we do not all get to meet up as often. I got really thoughtful gifts from my friends and family which was sweet. Reiss got me an instax camera and scrapbook which I love!!! He knows I print off majority of my photographs and I have collected everything that we share together (tickets, receipts etc) so it’s somewhere to put all these.

 A lot of people complain about the whole ‘new year, new me’ but I love having the ability to get closure from the previous year, being able to reminisce on the good and the not-so-good times and being able to work on things for the upcoming year. Last new year I read Lucy Mecks ‘Be Body Beautiful’ book and I vowed that I would do little steps to get fitter. I am nowhere near where I want to be- especially the lack of training in the last month! But I am happy with the steps I made. Following a proper programme on the run up to my holiday with Reiss built my confidence, and the compliments from people only made me want to work harder. Additionally, being fit enough to actually complete Super Spartan (17k uphill with obstacles) and to make it out in one piece was a bonus! I would do more of these if there were more local and they weren’t so expensive to sign up for. I looked at a few I plan to do for 2016 and after only a couple I was sitting at £290 just for registration fees, paying for them shouldn’t be what is stopping people. The training and getting into the correct mindset is difficult enough.

So, this morning I was reading a couple of people’s list of New Year’s resolutions so I have collated them into some ‘rules’ to live by for the year ahead.

1) Be obsessed with your goals! Stay committed and remember the outcome.

2) Work hard and talk less. Rather than discussing every single step to people, do more. Actions speak louder than words!

3) Appreciate the little things. Too often these days people are holding off, saving, crash dieting, not enjoying themselves in the run-up to a single event and not appreciating the time in between. Obviously, some saving and ‘cutting’ is good but stop wishing ahead.

4) What’s done is done. Stop looking back and comparing things now to how things used to be. Even little things like checking time-hop and wondering how things can change so quickly can be confusing. However, people grow and change!

5) Believe you can and anything is possible! Nobody is going to help you with your dreams if you do not even sound passionate about them yourself.

6) Excuses only stop you. Too many people lie these days to cover up laziness, not everyone is going to wake up be as productive as the previous day. If you continue to lie though, you’re only ruining it for yourself.

I am going to take little steps to enjoy 2016. Now I am in a better routine with coursework, my part-time job and training I can start planning ahead more. I also feel better now that I’ve started to cycle to campus, this is about 15k a day on a cycle path but mentally I feel better, physically I am healthier and I finally I also save £3 a day on buses, which is nothing but it can add up! Also, no more sugars in my tea so my mum cannot complain to me☕️

All the best for 2016 and as cheesy at it sounds, I hope you all reach your goals or even make one little positive lifestyle change. I am going to be posting regular posts in the new year.


Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x


As people that follow/ know me will know, I love dogs. SO, I thought I would share my new puppy with you all. We already had 2 Gordon setters. My mum got Isla a couple of years ago to keep the old one active and it definitely helped, sitting about with peace and quiet was no longer an option!
So, as the puppy was no longer a puppy (even though she still acts like it) my mum was  looking into getting smaller dogs- a cocker spaniel. She had got talking to local dog breeders and told them that she would think about getting one next year. A lot quicker than expected, my mum got a call one morning asking if she would be able to take a 5 month old cocker spaniel as his owner was no longer fit to look after it. By lunch time that day, we had a new member- Alfie. He is the most calm but cutest puppy ever and has settled in perfectly.
At the same time, my brothers girlfriend had rescued a dog from the beach in Cyprus (when she was over in holiday), Nico. He is settling in perfectly too and now going to puppy classes with Alfie.

Here is some recent pictures:

The news:


Isla and Alfie:


The 3 of them:


Alfie and Nico- both rescued for different reasons: 

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Hannah x

Super Spartan

A few months ago, I was sitting searching races that Reiss and I could do. Tough mudder was about £110 to sign up for and it was probably the only time we were gonna get off for holidays so we signed up for Spartan. 12+K obstacle course in Ninemile burn, near Edinburgh- EASY!

I did not do any specific training for this. My only regret was lack of cardio on the run up to it, which is unusual for me. It was lack of routine with a new job before it probably. However, if I did Spartan in May/ June, I probably would have been more than ready!

It began with lots of hills, Reiss and I usually climb local hills but never for a long period of time. The obstacles were sooooo fun! Personally, my highlight would be climbing the rope climb which was apparently 16ft. The views in this area was amazing!

After that, there was running down more hills, some more barbed wire and then to swim across a lake to an island, lots of mud and then some monkey bars. I enjoyed Spartan because it was all natural and it was fun. Reiss and I didn’t sign up for it to get a good time , but just to enjoy ourselves, and we definitely did!

My least favourite obstacles would be dragging the stone with a chain and carrying the logs for a mile uphill. I felt like this was an anticlimax when you think you are near the end and then there are lots of obstacles after one another, whereas before this the obstacles were spread out a lot with lovely views (and lots of hills). We attempted everything and we only got 1 30 burpee penalty because our spear throw didn’t get on target 😦

Definitely going to try out a few more obstacle races.

12+ K ended up being 15.8k, elev gain: 714m, highest point being 2330m.

Here are a few pictures from the day, sad that Reiss does not look as happy as he actually was throughout. If anything, it was me moaning half the time haha. He definitely was a great motivator.





We are still waiting to get the photo of us together with our medals, I’m hoping we get it soon!!

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what race we should do next!


Thanks for reading, 

Hannah x

Holiday Accesories  

After 1st year was finished, and passed with good results, I went on holiday to Side, Turkey. I’d never been to that part of Turkey so was excited.

With a tan, I think these stick on tattoos from Topshop were lovely:

 They came in gold and silver and just got on with a damp cloth. To remove, you use baby oil. I made a slight mistake and put oil on after these to moisturise and the first lot came off, so watch out for that! For the first time ever, I didn’t get my nails done for going on holiday. I just used a coral rimmel London colour and coated it with glitterbomb (also rimmel London). 

Anyway, if you’re looking for something to glam up your outfit on holiday but don’t want the hassle of packing your expensive jewellery, I recommend these temporary tattoos!
Tattoos: topshop.com

Dress: TK Maxx

Nails: Rimmel London

Hannah x

Bucket List

I always need to write a list to ensure I get round to completing things, whether it is a shopping trip or just things to do the next day. Even when I go to the gym, I usually am a bit ‘flexible’ as to what I actually train that day. However, I am on week 12 of a challenge I have been doing and for once, I have actually kept a note of repetitions, sets, rest time etc. So really, lists are fab for anything!!

I recently wrote a bucket list 25 things to do before I am 25, and I feel if I share it, it is more motivation/ pressure for me to actually complete it.

Here is a list I finished on 13/05/15. I make them realistic but still challenging. The fact I am only 18 I definitely should have this done in a few years. I just think sticking to the 25 pattern sounded good.

I have split it into sections. Mental and physical challenges are definitely important, however travelling is definitely a priority. I have been to some popular sunny holiday destinations (you know your typical Spain, Portugal etc.) with some other city and ski breaks in other European destinations. China is the furthest that I have travelled and I have so many places I would like to visit around the world, but it is embarrassing that I have yet to see so many beautiful places in Scotland!! According to the ‘Been’ app, I have only visited 5% of the world. (link below)

Mentally (5)

1) Graduate

2) Jump off somewhere really high (hill/ plane)

3) Stay off Facebook and twitter for a month

4) Complete frequent sudukos

5) Stay off fizzy juice for 6 months/ cut down general sugar

Physically (5)

1) Walk the west highland way

2) Climb 3 mountains such as Ben Nevis, Machu Picchu, Mount Kilimanjaro

3) Run 500 5ks, keep a note of them all

4) Complete a half marathon

5) Do 5 more challenging courses (tough mudder/ spartan)

Travel (10) – I have specific places in each of these places noted down, but that really would take forever to read!

1) Volunteer abroad in a developing country

2) American Road trip!!

3) Travel/ live in Australia

4) Asia- Thailand, Vietnam, India (Study and travel in China DONE)

5) New Zealand

6) London- see a Westend musical (I have never been to London!!)

7) Go to 3 Scottish Isles

8) Go to Iceland- Northern lights would be a bonus!

9) Citybreaks around Europe

10) Spend a couple of nights in Bora Bora, French Polynesia- it looks like paradise!

Just cause 

1) Get a puppy!

2) Help raise money for a charity, could be a number of events but a minimum of £500

3) Take a random course

4) Try something waaaay out my comfort zone- new hobby or something.

5) Keep up a blog of some sort.

Let me know what you think, if you have travelled to any of these places and any suggestions of things that should be on it!


Hannah x

instagram: @hannahbethstuart

‘Been’ App: been by Martin Johannesson https://appsto.re/gb/N1JIO.i

Ovosi Clothing


Last night my older brother featured on ‘STVs Riverside Show’. He kept it quiet til about an hour or 2 prior to the show starting and even that was an intense wait!

Fraser is only 20 years old and last summer he started off a clothing range ‘OVOSI- our version, our story ibiza’. I know the setting up process for him was a lot of hard work and commitment but it’s all paid off and he is still giving it his all! It was sold in shops in Ibiza in the summer and has been a major hit online (links below) for buyers all over the world. Fraser is a popular boy and has always been able to talk himself into everything so it’s no surprise how well it is growing. The ‘OVOSI range is made up of a male, female and children’s range and is all about a minimal, simple design- usually black and white in colour.

Not only has Fraser been setting up a clothing brand, he has been djing and producing his own songs (available on beatport) and has been lucky enough to play alongside some top djs. From St.Judes and SWG3 in Glasgow to Ibiza and Austria, Frasers djing is only going to grow even more!

Hannah x

Check out the Ovosi range:


FACEBOOK: Ovosi Clothing

TWITTER: @OvosiClothing

INSTAGRAM: ovosiclothing

STV PLAYER: STV GLASGOW RIVERSIDE SHOW- Tuesday 13th January show, 7pm (about 34 minutes in to get to the good bit!)

Frasers Music: plays under ‘Frazier’


INSTAGRAM: inceptglasgow

Lucy Mecklenburgh- Be Body Beautiful | Review 

Be Body Beautiful

My latest read has been Lucy Mecklenburgh’s book ‘Be Body Beautiful’– I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago and it was on my iPad by first thing on New Years Day.

I have watched Lucy for a number of years on TOWIE and followed her on Twitter and Instagram. It was nice to hear her side of the full story. Simultaneously, it was an eye opener to how many comments etc. from the public she reads and the effect it has on her.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it very interesting. I tried out a few of her smoothies and recipes- for breakfast, lunch, and dinners. The ‘lean and green‘ smoothie was the first one I made and I keep changing my opinion on it! I think the colour may be slightly off-putting but there’s the thought in the back of the mind how good it is for you, which I definitely felt afterwards. For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with salmon on lovely whole grain bread, it was a nice change to the usual Weetabix topped with fruit and a nice start to the day. I also liked her idea of the ‘pic n mix‘ salads for my lunches last week- although I think I usually shove anything In a Tupperware from the veg drawer and hope for the best! My favourite was Friday’s- spinach, lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, spring onion, celery, cucumber, grilled chicken breast and smoked salmon- with some balsamic vinegar… De-lish!

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I first bought it- if it was going to be mainly an autobiography of her life or just the last couple of years. If there was going to be little mention of her personal life and all nutrition and exercise plans. However, it turned out to be a perfect balance. I was surprised to how much I could relate to my life (not the TOWIE, engaged to Mario bits) but her feelings as a teenager and why she ended up where she is. It’s also not often you read something that talks about the dangers of being underweight and not just overweight. Also, I respected how passionate she was about how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle, not just to look good and how it is essential to follow these habits sooner rather than later in life.

I also feel like every celeb these days turn to making money from the health and fitness these days and don’t really have an interest in it. Don’t get me wrong- their new looks are better role models rather than their previous lifestyle but I can’t help but think it is for the money.

To conclude, I recommend Lucy’s book for a great read and to hear her own side of the story off screen if you were a sad fan of TOWIE like myself! You can buy from Amazon!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x