Last year, I set myself the task of taking part in 16 challenges throughout the year. Millport Day always falls on the last weekend of March so is always one of the first. It is an annual ladies day that a family friend organises every year for 100 lovely ladies. It was originally set up … Continue reading A DAY IN MILLPORT



This week quote of the week is a screenshot from the lovely Kayla Itsines! I know I always emphasise it's not a competition but this is a different kind haha. Rather than dwelling on a lost job/ opportunity- allow it to motivate you to work harder. Everything is either a blessing or a lesson 🤗 … Continue reading DON’T GET MAD, DO BETTER!


As a lot of people struggle to drink as much water as they should, I thought I would write a little post of some important reasons why we should make an effort to consume enough water in a day!! Ideally, you should really aim for about 2 litres of water a day (weight dependent). However, … Continue reading WATER!