After living in the capital for 3 years, I thought I would write some hints and tips for places to visit if you ever want to spend some time here. When? I think there is always a right time to visit in Edinburgh. I like the atmosphere during the Fringe Festival, Christmas markets or when … Continue reading STAYCATION: EDINBURGH



Sooo when I've been thinking about nice things I've found to recommend or review, I find that I don't need to dedicate a full post to it. Instead, I'm going to list some random things- literally, anything- that I think may be useful/ interesting/ probably make you think 'eh?' Special gift We had a family … Continue reading FEBRUARY FAVOURITES


This NYE was spent in Venice. We flew out midday on the 31st and stayed until the evening of the 4th. The place was beautiful and didn't even look real! The weather was average for anywhere in Europe at this time and rained for one day. We tried Airbnb for the first time and will definitely use … Continue reading NYE IN VENICE